Ozark Machine Gun is a private “charter shoot” facility not open to the general public without an advanced reservation. Private shoots are scheduled by appointment only, and parties booking the range will have exclusive use of the premises unless otherwise agreed.  Booking is subject to availability, so please contact with Ozark Machine Gun with your proposed date for approval so we can finalize the timeline for your shoot. The best way to contact us is through our email,, or through private message on our Facebook page which can be accessed here:

No minimum number of shooters is required to book an event Monday through Thursday – one person reserving at least $200 in firearms is welcome subject to availability of the range that day. There is a $2000 minimum weapons reservation threshold required for Friday and Saturday, not including ammunition. Sunday afternoon shoots are considered case-by-case but generally areunavailable.

Booking price is $200 minimum weapons reservation per shooter.  This does not include ammunition unless part of a predetermined “package." Shooting events may be booked in advance by placing a non-refundable deposit of $200 or 25% of the weapons reservation total, whichever is greater.  Should a cancelation be necessary, at the discretion of Ozark Machine Gun the event may be re-scheduled at a mutually agreeable time within 30 days of the initial booking at no additional charge.  Should Ozark Machine Gun initiate a cancelation (weather, illness, or emergency) the deposit will be fully refundable or applicable to any future booking.

Weapons reservations are typically more expensive at Ozark Machine Gun than you may find elsewhere. However, you will note that you will be able to shoot a great deal more here than at some other ranges, which often charge in excess of $1/round for pistol caliber submachine guns, may not allow “sharing” of the rental firearm, and offer only paper targets in a cramped indoor range which may be packed with other shooters.  Not only does Ozark Machine Gun offer an array of firearms you may not find anywhere else outside of museums, we have a far superior facility with reactive targetry out to 400+ yards, all of which may be engaged from the single firing point. Cost sharing amongst friends who may all use the reserved firearms on the range, comparatively cheaper “per round” costs, and a superior range layout provide an excellent value for the price.

In the event a gun “goes down” on the range and becomes unserviceable, an alternate gun will be provided free of charge, or a prorated refund (based on percentage of reserved ammunition expended at time of malfunction) granted at the discretion of the range.

Payment until further notice will need to be made via check, or cash.  It is advised that guests bring additional funds in the event they wish to continue shooting after the initial ammunition reservation has been expended. Credit card processing should be available in the future.

Ideal group size is 3-10 shooters.  Larger groups can be accommodated. Generally, only one gun will be in action at any given time – please understand that this will result in a fair amount of “down time” on the range as guests rotate through the firing line, load magazines, allow guns to cool, etc.  This will increase according to group size, so please take your time and enjoy the day.


The range is outdoors, and rural. As such, dress and prepare accordingly.  Bug repellant is recommended, as is sunscreen for time spent outside of the covered range pavilion.  “Rustic” restroom - i.e. the tree line – is all that will be available.  If desired, and pre-planned, a portable toilet can be arranged at additional cost.

Minimum age for shooters is generally set at 18. Exceptions may be considered for minors personally known to Ozark Machine Gun and accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

Ammunition is the property of Ozark Machine Gun, and may not be removed from the premises.  This keeps costs down, as the customer is paying for use “per round” of the weapon, accounting for wear & tear, maintenance, and cleaning, and not making a retail purchase of ammunition. “Souvenir” cartridge cases may be retained if desired after asking permission from the range supervisor.

Personally owned weapons are generally not allowed on the range during conduct of chartered shoots.

Video and photos are permitted and encouraged.

This is a developing business.  The intent is to continue increasing the available rental line-up as receipts allow. Is there a classic historical firearm you have always wanted to shoot but don’t see on the Ozark Machine Gun “menu”? Depending on the price of your reserved shoot, we may be able to purchase or lease an example!

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