Choose your firearms!

Below is a list of options that we currently offer, grouped into categories to make sorting through our large selection easier. Any of the weapons from our four categories can be selected for your own personal or group shooting package, we are here to create your own unique experience! Prices fluctuates due to the ever-changing cost of ammunition, but we are more than happy to provide an exact quote and current price list to those who contact us via email.

Choose any combination of firearms below in order to book your shoot. Monday through Thursday, the minimum reservation fee is $200 per shooter, up to ten persons. Friday and Saturday reservations require a minimum reservation total of $2000, up to ten persons. Ammunition should be reserved in advance, but more will typically be available at the range. If you anticipate consumption of more than 3,000 rounds of any caliber excepting .22LR, please allow three weeks advance notice so that we can ensure adequate supplies are on-hand. Items in yellow are fully automatic firearms, while items in red are pending acquisition or manufacturing completion in the near future.

US Martial Arms

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From iconic classics like the Browning Automatic Rifle and Thompson Submachine Gun to rare options like the M1941 Johnson Semi-Automatic Rifle, we've got an excellent selection of the guns that supplied our nation's troops in all the historic battles we know so well.


German Firearms

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From the StG 44 you've seen in movies like "Fury" to the unmistakeable sound of the MG42, we have a broad selection of machine guns from Germany, as well as traditional choices like the k98 bolt action rifle and Luger pistol.

Foreign Military Arms

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Ranging from the Mausers that made the name famous to the Russian submachine guns that drove the German army back in WWII, there are many exciting options for the shooter looking to experience a wide variety of offerings from foreign militaries around the world.